« Citizens of the ocean world » project – secondary cycle


PROJECT carried out by S2L2 ENG and Maltese ONL students and Ms. S. Micallef Cann

Language builds bridges. It voices our emotions and frames our innermost thoughts, feelings and opinions whilst setting them free. Voices and Ilħna is an S2L2 ENG and MalteseONL project which, is fully charged with meaning and creativity. It brings communicative language, grammar and literature together. It is a symbiotic project that celebrates diversity in content and differentiation in practice.

This project has provided the students of S2L2ENG and MalteseONL respectively with fertile soil in which they could sow the seeds of their ideas, dreams, hopes and opinions. It also enabled them to carefully water, fertilize and cultivate these seeds with the correct grammar and punctuation whilst pruning them with figurative language until they bloomed into amazing voices.

We hope that you enjoy reading what all these voices have to say and trust that this is another step in the right direction for us human beings to get together behind policies aimed at the protection and conservation of our oceans. We must aim to truly make a daily difference in the name of all the voiceless creatures residing in our oceans and seas.


CLICK HERE to watch a short video summarising the process of creating the project.