List of school materials

This is a general list; it contains textbooks for all sections and all courses combined. We have sorted them by levels

List of books 2022-2023

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Some subjects list their textbooks in September

  1. Booklist-2022-2023 S1
  2. booklist 2022-2023 S2 
  3.  booklist 2022-2023 S3* Section IT  the new “Divina Commedia”  for S5 will replace the 3 previous volumes
  4. booklist 2022-2023 S4
  5.  booklist 2022-2023 S5 
  6.  booklist 2022-2023 S6
  7. booklist 2022-2023 S7
The art material

The art material required will be communicated in September by the teacher


Information on Calculators
  • S4 level: a scientific calculator (with at least trigonometric functions)
  • S5 – S6 – S7 level: one scientific graphing calculator to be chosen between :

NumWorks Calculatrice Graphique                Préférence forte

TI 83 Premium CE python

CASIO Graph 90+E

Physical Education