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The syllabuses of all the language sections are – with the exception of mother tongue – identical and the same standards are required to be met.

The syllabuses are available on the European Schools' website  under "Studies and Syllabuses".
Organisation of studies


Ethics & Religion 

All pupils of the European Schools are required to attend religion or ethics  lessons organised by the school.

In our school, the options for religious instruction are:

  • Catholic
  • Protestant
  • Orthodox

Other options may be available if the number of pupils is sufficient and in accordance with the rules for group formation provided in the General Regulations of the European Schools.

If these options are not available for the language section or for a group of pupils, they could also be offered in the pupil’s language of instruction from level P3. Any request for a change of religious or ethics course must be motivated and sent to the Management before May 30th  and will take effect for the following school year.

Please note that religion teachers are not recruited by the school administration but appointed by the religious authorities.

Formation of groups for religion and ethics:

  • Assignment of students to existing groups of religion and ethics of their language section to a maximum of 27 students.
  • In the case of a split course, even distribution of girls and boys as well as children with special needs.
  • If the number of pupils of two or three combined groups is less than 27, only one group will be created.

Derogations from the rules above is possible in accordance with the Rules of the European Schools.