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is the voice of parents in the school's governance bodies by ensuring permanent liaison with parents through elected representatives at class and language section level. It works on issues related to pedagogy, school administration, the school community and the health, safety and welfare of the students.


-> APEEE Services is an organisation run by parent volunteers and oversees services of vital importance to the life of the students at the school, such as canteen* services (*UCCLE site), transport, extra-curricular activities, friday afternoon childcare and lockers.

-> Canteen - BERKENDAEL site: Scolarest company is providing the meals at Berkendael site.


-> After-school childcare (OIB)  (accessible only to staff of the European Union institutions)

The European Commission organizes paid after-school childcare for the children of statutory staff of the institutions of the European Union (from 4 to 12 years old). Detailed information is available on the after-school childcare page on the European Commission’s website: -> My Intracomm (page accessible only to staff of the European Union institutions).

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Parents can also contact the AdP (Association des parents – Crèches et Garderies), which represents parents interested in after-school and/or holiday childcare centers of the European Commission, at the email address:*

*The content has been written by after-school childcare secretariat.