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The school infirmary is intended to provide first aid during accidents or discomfort during school hours.

In case of fever or illness, parents are asked to pick up their child at school. If the condition of the child requires it, the nurse can call an ambulance for urgent medical help.


If treatment is to be given to your child, please note that we require a medical prescription (with full dosage), treatment and written agreement from parents, and all must be dated and signed.

-> Administration de médicaments



In accordance with school medical procedure, children in the following year levels will receive a medical examination during the school year:

  • The first primary (P1)
  • Second nursery (M2) (Only neuro motor test)
  • The third primary (P3)
  • The fifth primary (P5)

The purpose of these examinations is to check the overall health and maturity of the pupil, inform parents, and, if necessary, offer help to aid in adapting to school  and family life.

The medical service has an exclusively preventive function; early detection of physical deficiencies and optimisation of living conditions (school buildings). The school doctor does not have to examine a feverish or injured child.

For obvious security reasons, parents of new students are asked to return the duly completed medical questionnaire before their child’s first day of school. Thank you!

For obvious safety reasons, parents of new pupils are requested to send the duly completed medical questionnaire and consent form-iodine and meningitis, to the infirmary before the start of the school year.

-> Medical questionnaire - BERKENDAEL site
-> Consent form - iodine and meningitis


In order to ensure optimal public health, any change in the child’s health (infectious disease for example) must be communicated to the medical service.

For any medical information, please call this following number: 02/340.14.82

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