Educational support

The provision of Educational Support of the European School Brussels 1 aims at students’ academic success by promoting their self-esteem and development.   The goal is to help students become self-reliant learners, be able to utilize multiple resources, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and to set realistic and achievable goals in learning process and evolution.

EEB1 will continue to strive to help each student develop their human potential and sense of dignity and self-worth.  Our teaching will continue to strive to be student-centered.  Everything possible will be done to help students, including those with disabilities and special educational needs, to develop their personality, talents and creativity to their full potential.  The aim of educational support is to work towards maximizing academic and social development and move towards inclusion. While we all come from different countries, educational systems and philosophies, our common goal is to see each student entrusted to us develop their full potential in an inclusive environment.

Support teachers work from the beginning of the year in collaboration with classroom teachers to identify specific needs, create a learning plan, and evaluate student achievement. Students can receive support at any time during their schooling.

EEB1 advocates a ‘whole school approach’ to special educational needs which involves all staff adhering to a model of best practices. The staff at the school is committed to identifying and providing for the needs of the student who attend. It is about creating a secure, accepting, collaborative and stimulating community in which everyone is valued. Through adopting the whole school approach, EEB1 can cater for students with diverse needs in a more comprehensive manner.

This approach aims at a cohesive response to diverse learning needs and solid implementation, as far as possible.  Ideally, this needs to be achieved in a culture of ongoing improvement which sets high expectations, monitors students’ progress and actively discusses student achievement. The goal is a student-centered education for life in the world beyond school, incorporating a European perspective. In order to optimize the teaching and learning process, it is vital to:

  • set achievable targets which promote self-esteem and a positive attitude towards learning;
  • encourage differentiation, supporting the learning process;
  • work in partnership with students and their parents/legal representatives;
  • promote collaboration among teachers;
  • enable students to monitor their own learning and become independent
    learners on their own;

The school offers 3 types of support: general support, moderate support and intensive support (A and B).

For more information about the provision of Educational Support at EEB 1, please consult the Educational Support Guidelines below:

  • Nunzia Vasta
    Educational Support Coordinator - Uccle (nursery - primary)
  • Tara Coffey
    Educational Support Coordinator - Berkendael
  • Stefania Righetti
    Educational Support Coordinator - Secondary