European School Science Symposium – ESSS

The European School Science Symposium is a competition open to students of the European Schools years 1 to 7 inclusive. Individuals or groups of 3 students, guided by a teacher-mentor, are encouraged to explore an area of scientific interest of their choice, not normally covered by the European Schools’ science syllabus.

General Rules for ESSS

Projects should demonstrate that the student(s) has/have undertaken some significant original work.
Examples include an experiment based practical investigation made by the students, original design of an item or process, and survey based investigations involving the first-hand collection and processing of meaningful statistics.
Projects that are not suitable include those reproducing text-book science experiments, orthose exclusively quoting second-hand data or information from books and the internet. If, from the information given on the Project Outline, the organisers deem the proposal to be unsuitable for the competition, they reserve the right to refuse the entry.
    • Each competitor may only submit one entry to the ESSS, either as an individual or as part of a team.
    • The language of entry must be one of the working languages.
    • Projects which have previously been entered into the ESSS, or a national competition such as EUCYS, are not eligible for resubmission.
    • A student can only enter a project as exclusive theirs if it is carried out without anycontribution from other students.
    • Plagiarism is prohibited. The project entry must be the original work of the entrant(s).
    • Projects undertaken during summer camps or as part of extra-curricular clubs or activities may not be entered.
    • Entry forms must be completed with all relevant information. Incomplete entry forms will not be accepted. It is the responsibility of the entrant to inform the ESSS of any change of contact details.
    • The judges’ decisions are final and no appeals will be heard or correspondenceentered into.
    • A full list of prize winners will be published on the ESSS website and in any other publications selected by the organisers.
    • By entering the competition, entrants agree that their entry can appear on public display and be used on the internet and in print to promote the competition.
    • Smoking, drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited during the event. The organisers reserve the right to send home any student breaking these rules at his or her parent’s expense.
    • By entering, entrants will be deemed to have agreed to be bound by these rules.
    • The ESSS reserves the right to revise these rules at any time. Changes will be communicated via the website and to schools as quickly as possible.