Book list


The 2020-2021 booklist is now available.

  1. Booklist_2020-2021_EEB1-S1.03
  2. Booklist_2020-2021_EEB1-S2.03
  3. Booklist_2020-2021_EEB1-S3.03
  4. Booklist_2020-2021_EEB1-S4.03
  5. Booklist_2020-2021_EEB1-S5.03
  6. Booklist_2020-2021_EEB1-S6.03
  7. Booklist_2020-2021_EEB1-S7.03

Some subjects will not indicate books before September.  .

The list of material for the Art classes:

ART MATERIAL 2020 2021


N.B. maths (S4-S7):  The digital devices needed for math and science will be communicated in September for S4-7.