Time Project – 24-hour worldwide online event for students worldwide

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Participating in Time Project – 24-hour worldwide online event for students worldwide

On December 8, our teachers and students participated for the first time in UNESCO ASPNet Time Project, an intercultural 24 hours online event for students worldwide. It was probably one of the biggest events so far, with more than 90 schools from 95 countries around the world participating in a variety of activities which this international project has to offer.

Our EEB1 was registered by the project coordinator, Ms Smolcec, for two activities: “Unite the Nation” quiz and House of Common videoconference debate on Artificial Intelligence.

The “Unite the Nation” quiz was an amazing teamwork effort involving Mr Costello, Ms Strovs and Ms Smolcec’s S7L2ENG, S7L2ENF and S7L2ENA classes as well as Ms Smolcec and Ms Micallef Cann’s S2L2ENB and S2L2ENG, with a bit of help of other colleagues like Ms Vandenberghe and Ms Shvets.


Image credit: Ms Marijana Smolcec, EEB1

This year more than 23 schools from 14 different countries participated in the competition and our school secured the 7th place. This was an amazing achievement considering it was our first year. During their regular English lessons students researched more than 350 questions about Croatia, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine etc. The quiz was challenging; prepared by the students for the students.


Image credit: Ms Meimei Mary Shih, Taiwan

At the same time, during P4, a group of Ms Smolcec’s S7L2ENA students engaged in a well-prepared and moderated House of Common debate via Google Meet with Affiliated High School of Chung-Hsing University,” Taichung, Taiwan.

It was an exciting experience for them as they were thrilled to hear what their peers from other side of the world have to say about Artificial Intelligence. The most interesting part was the 7-hour time difference between two countries.