Andersen library

Since September 2016, the school has two libraries, one for primary and one for nursery and P1 levels: 

  • the P2 to P5 library is in the Erasmus building,  
  • The nursery and P1 library are in the Fabiola building. 

Séverine Paccaud Lefébure and her team of volunteer mothers are on hand from Monday to Friday to read stories and to help with the loan to the pupils.

  • Pupils come to the library with their teachers during class time 
  • Pupils come with the monitors during lunch break. 

What resources does the library offer? 

Almost 20 000 items in Danish, English, French, German, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Maltese, Polish, Slovenian, and Spanish languages.  All books are identified by a colored sticker including: 

  • fiction for children aged 4 to 12 
  • non-fiction books on geography, history, science, technology, nature, human body, space, sport, religion, art, and music 
  • Magazines and périodiques 
  • CDs and DVDs 

 What can you do in the library? 

  • Read books or look for information 
  • Borrow a maximum of two books for two weeks. Any lost books must be replaced. 
  • Listen to audio recordings 
  • Prepare presentations or reports 

 The school is grateful to the volunteer mothers who contribute to the smooth running of the libraries! 

To consult the library catalogues online:


02 373.87.32