School Psychologist

Available on Mondays/Tuesdays / Thursdays / Fridays between 8.30 and 16.00

Ms Szewczuk is a part of our school community since 2008.

She has got over 15 years of experience working as a child and adult clinical psychologist. Ms Szewczuk has been also graduated as cognitive-behavioural psychotherapist in a postgraduate cycle.

As an educational psychologist Ms Szewczuk is available to all members of the school community with her professional advice.

The principal role of the school psychologist consist on bringing support to children their parents and teachers in case of pupil’s difficulties, be it of academic, emotional, social or behavioural nature.

Professional view on challenges child presents

Solicited by either parents, pedagogical or medical staff, Ms Szewczuk would explore the difficulties that child might present by communicating with

  • the child in individual contact (with parents’ consent), observation in class
  • various teachers who contribute to child’s education (principal teacher being a point of reference)
  • the parents via email, phone or in personal meeting
  • school medical services if relevant


Ms Szewczuk works in transparency with the Parents as they are first and most important point of reference for the child.

Therefore the recommendations resulting from such evaluation will be shared and discussed with the parents in order to find best solution to improve child’s well-being. Ms Szewczuk would offer:

  • professional opinion / understanding of child struggle
  • professional advice / guidance in parental attitude
  • recommendations for adequate psychological evaluation of the child
  • referral to out of school psycho-medical professionals: adequate therapists, pedopsychiatrists, neurologists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, …

Pedagogical team

Ms Szewczuk, working closely with pedagogical team, would propose interventions and possible adaptations on class and /or school level in case of a child in question.

Participation in support procedures

Ms Szewczuk participates in procedures related to the Intensive Support. It is scheme dedicated to children presenting with special needs whether it is in learning, managing emotions or challenging behaviours.

Contact with external professionals

In some cases it is necessary to involve different actors in psycho-medical field in order to assure efficient support for the child and his/her family. It is important that these different actors communicate with each other on the professional level. That implies the confidentiality in communication as indicated by the deontological code.

Ms Szewczuk will:

  • recommend consulting an adequate to the situation professionals
  • propose professional contacts possibly in child’s native language depending on resources locally available
  • be in communication with external therapists involved in enhancing child’s well-being. Such exchange of views would promote more targeted attitude toward the child on the class or school level


School psychologist is a member of Kiva program. Kiva is an anti bullying scheme that enhances children’s emotional and social development and teaches them to recognise inappropriate behaviours that are or lead to bullying.

Interventions on class level

Ms Szewczuk would intervene in situations concerning the whole class group in cases of:

  • unhealthy dynamic among children in class
  • specific circumstances of a child in class

Following the evaluation in concertation with the teacher, Ms Szewczuk would act directly in class or indirect suggesting an action plan to pedagogical team.

Please, take notice that Ms Szewczuk does not offer psychological counselling / psychotherapy nor evaluations in the school.