Library rules

Secondary Libraries: Readers’ Guide

  • Behaviour in the library

 The library is a place where students read, study, and search for information, so it is a place of CALM and SILENCE …

Students can come at the beginning of a class period or during breaks. Repetitive trips back and forth are to be avoided in order to respect those who are working.

A large number of books are available to students. Novels, documentaries (history, science, cooking, etc), magazines, comic strips, and dictionaries are available in ten different languages ​​(English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Bulgarian, Danish, Slovenian and Hungarian).

Computers are available for school work only.

For the library to be a pleasant place for everyone, it is necessary to respect certain rules:

  • Mobile phones and games (cards, balloons, video games, etc…) are not allowed, in order to preserve the calm of the library.
  • Food and beverages have no place in the library.
  • Students must leave their school bags and coats in the cloak room at the library entrance.

Any breach of these rules may be subject to exclusion from the library

2) The loaning of books:

 Students may borrow up to three books, free of charge, for two weeks.

  • Loan times may be extended, but only with the librarian’s consent.
  • Dictionaries and journals will not be loaned out.
  • If a book is late in being returned, a fine of one euro per week will be imposed.
  • Any lost or damaged book must be replaced or refunded.

Please note – You may NOT borrow books for another person, or give out books you have borrowed to other students.