MUNUCCLE 20 2.0, 3rd edition

The 3rd edition of the school’s Model United Nations: it’s on(line)!


Years go by but don’t look alike. In 2018, when we launched the MUNUCCLE, the one and only Model United Nations in French among the European Schools, we started quite small, a one-day conference with about sixty delegates from a very small number of schools from Brussels. The next year, we radically changed scale: almost 250 participants, among them more than sixty students just from EEB1, about fifteen schools from Belgium, France, Spain, England, the Netherlands, the conference taking place at the Pierre Borschette Center lent by the Commission, at the heart of the European district, a prestigious venue where delegates could only take their role very seriously.

This year, in the context of the pandemic, our modelisation is entirely online and required to adapt ourselves to the situation. There are little less schools and participants, but they are all the more motivated. The topic chosen last November by our president, Alva Canenbley, a s7 student from the German section, was inspired by the current events and the movements of anger all over the world, from Hong Kong to Algeria, from Lebanon to Chile, from yellow vests in France to youth committed to climate justice: Justice now! Entendre le cri des peuples.

This topic is explored among eight different committees, six in French, one in English and one in Dutch, with for each very different questions at stake: “What is a decent life?” at the UNPD, “Should we de-globalize in order to address the global climate emergency?” at the COP, “Is there a limit to freedom of speech of the (social) media?” at UNESCO, or “Should the legitimate use of force be challenged?” at the Human Rights Council (in Dutch).

So what’s new this year? Essentially a week of preparation before the conference that will take place from Friday to Sunday, 2-4 October. And in particular, during this week, the meeting online in each committee between the delegates and great experts (academics, journalists, NGO members…) in order to bring new ideas and perspectives for the final debates. In fact they have already started under the supervision of Valeria Martinez, the Secretary General of MUNUCCLE 20 2.0.

Last info: the presence at the opening ceremony of a Guest Star, the Executive Vice President of the European Commission for a Europe Fit for the Digital Age, Margrethe Vestager!

If you wan’t to know more, please visit the website:, and read the journalists’ papers on EURSC MAG (Carlotta Koning is the coordinator of the media team).