Ecological Project Day – Earth Day – April 18

On 03.19.24 at 10: 19 in


Dress in blue (like the oceans) or green  (like the forests) as many of you as possible on the occasion of Earth Day
During the 20-minute break, let's meet at the football field and make a flash mob with the shaping of the Earth.
Listen to and sing the Save of the Planet song for kids (Miss Linky ), and Earth song (Michael Jackson) together and sing, dance or just have fun.


The program of the Ecology project day :

  • in P2: plenary lecture in the Polyvalent:
    • The extreme diversity of the empire of the insects : Wouter Dekoninck PhD. entomologist, curator in the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
  • in P3:  the final round of the ecological Olympiad is with the presentation of short videos created by students about a local or global environmental or ecological problem and solutions
  • During the twenty-minute break, a flash mob will be presented with the participation of all interested students with the shaping of the Earth: dress in blue or green and make a flash mob with shaping of the Earth.
  • in P4: continue the presentation of the films, the audience votes on the best films and announces the results of the ecology Olympiad in Polyvalent.

The audience: the competitors, their classmates and other interested student groups