School psychologist

Presentation :
Born in Brussels, Ms. Gladsteen graduated from the Free University of Brussels in clinical psychology. Trained in family therapy (CFTF), she also acquired, during her professional career, expertise in the field of adolescence and the difficulties encountered by this population (in particular: the consumption of cannabis or other substances , but also other behaviours). She has thus been able to develop key prevention tools, particularly around the fundamental role of parents and other adults in the development of adolescents.
Ms. Gladsteen has been collaborating with the European School Brussels 1 since 2008, as a school psychologist. She also offers training for school staff, as well as interventions for parents (conferences, workshops or others).

The function of school psychologist in our school:

The school psychologist’s role is to help pupils in difficulty, in collaboration with other key players.

The analysis of a given situation makes it possible to orient the pupils and their families towards the most appropriate support: outside of school (psychotherapy, support for learning, etc.) and / or inside the school, in collaboration with the educational and teaching team (educational support or other forms of assistance). To this end, she is sometimes called upon to meet pupils and / or their parents, whether at the request of colleagues, parents and / or the pupil.

Member of the “CARE” team ***, the school psychologist intervenes in the support given to students through the work carried out with the team: situation analysis – global understanding of the problem – proposals for support measures – assessment of progress and changes . With the help of the team and thanks to information from teachers and families, her specific training allows her to assess the seriousness of a situation. Thus, the proposals made to families are set out in the best interest of the student, with regard to the behaviours displayed and taking into account the prognosis and possible outcomes.

The school psychologist is also a link between the school and teams of outside workers (therapists, hospital team, psychiatrists, etc.). She does not perform “psychological assessments” but can inform families of the useful addresses for this purpose, for assessments to be carried out in different languages ​​of the European community. Finally, the school psychologist does not offer  psychotherapy in the school.

*** Composition of the CARE team: Educational counselors (and daycare center), nurses, school psychologist, cycle coordinators, support coordinator, Deputy Director

When to contact the school psychologist?

a) For resources (in different languages):

Who and where to consult? Where to carry out a “psychological assessment” or “neuropsychological  assessment”?

For a psychological assessment and / or educational guidance for students in the French section: you can contact the CPMS d’Uccle directly: 02 / 374.89.10 or

b) If you suspect or face:

  • repeated school failures
  • an attention deficit disorder or a learning disability (learning problems for several years and not diagnosed)
  • deep low spirit
  • risk of self-harm, suicidal comments or thoughts
  • self-harm (self-harm, scarification, etc.)
  • an eating disorder
  • addiction to or abuse of certain products, games or other behaviours
  • physical violence (social or family)
  • psychological abuse
  • dropping out or refusing school
  • other psychological / psychiatric issues that worry you
  • If your child has a psychiatric disorder, diagnosed
  • If your child is hospitalized for “psychological or psychiatric” reasons (depression, eating disorder, etc.)

If your child is under the care of a therapist or a multidisciplinary team, do not hesitate to inform this person of the availability of the psychologist to discuss – within the limits of confidentiality – the child’s development and her/his possible needs in school.

Hospitalization and return to school:

In the event of hospitalization of a pupil, the family can count on the collaboration of the team (Educational advisor in particular) to facilitate the possible continuation of school work, in collaboration with the teachers and pupils of the class. That, only with the agreement of the medical staff of the institution.

Return to school is facilitated by prior preparation work: parents will be asked to inform the school psychologist before return is effective; contact between the school psychologist and the healthcare team is – in certain situations – a prerequisite for returning to class. In addition, depending on the situation, a meeting with the psychologist will be offered to the student and / or his family to prepare and facilitate the resumption of a school life as serene and as stress-free as possible.

Practical aspects:

We currently have three psychologists in secondary school, whose planning covers the whole week.

This situation is temporary; we will notify you of any changes.

Please find the contact details and planning of the psychologists below.

Meetings with students or parents take place in French or English, and only by appointment.

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