European Schools Art-Science Competition explores connection between art and science

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Is Art = Science a true statement? What are the connections between art and science?

We explored this idea through the first « Art-Science » competition organized between the five
European Schools of Belgium as part of the 10 year anniversary of the Research Executive Agency
(REA) of the European Commission.

The theme, “Moving with the Times”, opens its doors to exploration and representation of the links
between all fields of science (maths, physics, chemistry, life science, social and economic science,
environmental science, and engineering) and the concept of time and movement.
For inspiration, we guided the applicants to think about: the sensation of time, moving forward or
backward (in time, in space or in a situation). And what about evolution, changes in technology, life
cycles, scientific and life processes, historical times, economic times, social times, calculation of time,
numbers, movement, …?
The competition was a pilot activity open to secondary school students of the five European Schools
of Belgium. After a round of selections within each school, the finalists exhibited their artwork at the
Covent Garden Art Atrium gallery in April 2019.
A jury composed of artists, scientists, and Commission representatives selected the overall winners.
Also the REA staff members and Covent Garden Community picked their favourites. A prize award
ceremony (“finissage”) took place in the gallery on April 29th, 2019 open to the artists and family
The project was so well-received that the DG RTD asked if the students can prepare all the submitted
art work from all schools for a public exhibition in September event called “Research and Innovation

Click here to see all the prize winning art work.