Visiting pupil request

An external student may be given permission to take part in school activities (maximum 1 day) as an external visitor between 1st October and 31st May (with the exception of project weeks).

However for security reasons the following procedure must be respected:

  • Please request permission for the visit by e-mail at least one week in advance to the Vie Scolaire Educational Advisor, specifying the date and full name of the visitor and accompanying pupil as well as his/her class. (Last minute requests cannot be granted for organisational and security reasons.)
  • Former S7 pupils coming for a short visit outside of classrooms (short break, lunch break): please ask the Vie Scolaire Educational Advisor at least 48 hours prior to the visit.
  • Accident insurance (5€) should be paid to the Chateau secretariat. Please present the e-mail from the Vie Scolaire Educational Advisor confirming the visit. You will be given a receipt.
  • A note (either the e-mail from the Vie Scolaire Educational Advisor giving permission or the receipt from the Chateau) should be presented to the teachers at the beginning of each lesson.
  • Please contact the canteen on 02 373 86 70 or to be able to eat in the canteen.
  • Please contact the transport service on 02 373 86 07 or to be able to take the school bus.