Virtual meeting with a Slovenian writer

On 05.21.21 at 13: 59 in

Pupils of the European School of Brussels I who learn Slovene as their first language were delighted to participate in a virtual visit of the Slovene writer Nataša Konc Lorenzutti.


On Tuesday, 4th May 2021, high school students (S4-S7) hung out with the popular author. In a pleasant, honest, and sparkling conversation, she revealed her reading habits, described her way of writing, and convincingly pointed out the importance of reading books. She also emphasized the distinction between quality literature and lower or trivial literature, talked about errors in books and working in conditions dictated by the current pandemic.



On Wednesday, 5th May 2021, the writer was introduced to younger students (S1-S3). She answered many questions asked by students present at school and students present online from their homes. They found out which Slovenian and foreign authors the writer likes to read; she explained she prefers reading in Slovene rather than in any other language; she answered about awards and nominations she received and about the translation of her works, etc.



Reading is extremely important for everyone. For students learning Slovene far away from their homeland, such meetings with Slovene artists are invaluably precious. Our guest Nataša Konc Lorenzutti managed to persuade pupils and students to persevere and read books in Slovene, even though they live in a different language environment.