Temporary admission of Ukrainian displaced children

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General news

The Board of Governors of the European Schools has approved the possibility of a temporary admission for Ukrainian displaced children fleeing from the war.

Who are the children concerned?

The following categories of displaced Ukrainian children could be admitted in the European Schools present in sites with a relatively large number of EU officials’ families (E.g: Brussels, Luxembourg):

  • displaced Ukrainian children of local agents of EU representations from Ukraine
  • displaced Ukrainian children hosted by EU officials or other agents of the EU
  • displaced Ukrainian children hosted by staff members of the European Schools.

In the European Schools with a relatively low number of pupils, also other displaced Ukrainian children may be admitted, subject to a decision of the schools’ Directors and the availability of resources.


After examination of the admission request, the school’s Director may decide that the school capacity is exhausted. In that case the school’s Director shall endeavor with other European Schools’ Directors to find a place in another European School.

How to make a request for temporary admission?

The request should be sent by email to UCC-ENROLMENTS@eursc.eu. We kindly ask you to include the following information in your email:

  • If you are the parent of a pupil attending our school or an EU official/agent who does not have a child enrolled in the European Schools
  • name and age of the child, as well as the languages spoken by the child.

How long is the temporary placement? Are there any fees, school reports?

The temporary student placement will be up to the end of the school year (01/07/2022) and it does not involve any school fees. The temporary admission will not include formal assessment and official certification of studies. However, the schools will prepare an individual progress report.


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