School psychologist

Mrs Laia VINTRO MORENO is available on Mondays and on Tuesdays from 8.15 am until 3.45 pm, on Wednesdays from 8.15 am until 12.30 and on Fridays from 8.15 am until 3.00 pm.


Her work focuses on supporting the pupils, families, and teachers in dealing with pupils’ academic, emotional, and behavioural challenges. She also participates in the procedures provided for under the support policy for pupils with special needs. She supports teachers and meets them for the analysis of situations.

The school psychologist is a link between the school and external partners (therapists, hospital team, psychiatrists…). The school psychologist does not perform “psychological check-ups” but can provide to the families the useful addresses for evaluations to be carried out in different languages of the European community.

Finally, Mrs Laia Vintro Moreno does not offer psychological counseling or psychotherapy in the school.