Talent Show

Dear students,
This year we propose again to the secondary school students to participate in the Talent Show. This 2017 edition will be the 8th!
It will take place the day before the school fair and we even propose to those who want to come back to sing during the school fair (not compulsory).

Interested students who want to sing, dance, play music ….. can register via this form .
It is always a great opportunity to discover the extra-curricular qualities of our students and to bring together students of all ages and all sections. For S7 students, it would be a way to their last days in school.

We also need 2 hosts, cameraman, photographer. We also need artists who could prepare the Show’s poster. There is a specific item in the form.

If you need additional information, please send a message to Eric Piquet 


Thank you.

The organizers, Stephane Moriceau and Eric Piquet (eric.piquet@teacher.eursc.eu)