European hours

EH – General information

It is a subject related to the curriculum, non-disciplinary, which constitutes one of the foundations of the European Schools. European Hours takes place through an open and wide set of activities with multidisciplinary content. It also offers the possibility to mix and group students of different nationalities and mother tongues.

One of the purposes of European hours is for students to interact, work together and communicate during activities. It is not a language course, but an educational and specific moment during which students are called to play, to get to know each other, to share and value their own culture and that of others, by learning and respecting the “Common House Europe” and its transnational dimension. These courses are taught from third year primary.



Formation of European Hours Classes :

  • Maximum 25 pupils per group.
  • Equal distribution, as far as possible, of pupils of different sections / languages.
  • Equal distribution of girls and boys.
  • Equal distribution of children with special needs.