Slovenian Cultural Holiday

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(Photo“Slovenian Flag” by Simon Bramwell is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


On the occasion of the Slovenian Cultural Holiday, which is celebrated on 8 February, we are inviting you to watch the compilation of performances by Slovenian students of the Nursery, Primary and Secondary school at European school I in Brussels.

Young performers presented their talents under the mentorship of Slovene teachers Ms Mateja Kregar (Nursery and Primary school), Ms Renata Čampelj Jurečič (Secondary school) and Ms Martina Tomšič Kramberger (Secondary school).

We thank all the students and their mentors for their energy and knowledge that they invested into the preparation of this project, which is keeping the Slovenian cultural tradition alive.

The videos of the performances are posted on the Embassy’s Facebook page and are available at the following links: