2020-2021: 13th Science Festival

This year we have organised our Science Festival in spite of the pandemic, we went online! There were 29 pupils participating in 23 projects. This year we had an entire week when all the Science/Physics/Biology/Chemistry teachers had the opportunity to watch the projects online. Thanks to the enthusiastic teachers and students, we prolonged the week with 4 more days to have more opportunities to see everything.

In this period 247 videos were watched by 60 different classes, a total of  4287 students. The jury panel (from different language sections and scientific fields) announced the final winners of the competition in the Senior and the Junior categories:


  • 1st prize: Benjámin JOUTEUX – Interactions dans la cuisine – S1HuA
  • 2nd prize: Igor WŁODARCZYK Geolocation – how to put our school bus stops on a map?S3PlB
  • 2nd prize: Emmanuel VLAD Une force dans les bulles de savonS2FRB
  • 4th prize: Alba WEINER Is it possible to farm dust mites? S2ENB


  • 1st prize: Julian Máthé – Fragmentation patterns in nature – S5EnA
  • 2rd prize: Nicholas Cambas What is the quickest way to melt ice?– S5EnA


This year the audience voted for the best projects. The Audience awards go to Alba WEINER in Junior category, and Julian Máthé in Senior category.

This year the ESSS and the Science Fair is cancelled, so unfortunately we can’t send any of the good projects to these competitions, but we are hoping that next year we can continue.


This year we had valuable prizes as well: the 1st prize was a plasma lamp (Juniors) and Escape Game (Seniors), the 2nd prize was a 24000mAh solar powerbank, and the 4th prize was a magnetic game. The audience’s award goes along with a magnetic hour glass.

Congratulations to all the participants, and thanks for everybody that helped us,


The Science Festival Team

(Dorottya Csonka, Mina Farris and Jesper Frederiksen)