2018-2019 results: 11st Science Festival

The 11st Science Festival

On the 30th November our school organized the 11st annual Science Festival with 17 projects, 26 pupils. Thanks to the enthusiastic teachers more than 900 students visited the presentations on this day. And approximately another 900-1000 students followed the Festival via Life Stream.

The jury panel (7 teachers from different languages sections and scientific field, last year’s winner students and a parent representative) announced the final winners of the competition in the Senior and the Junior categories:


1st prize: High star fasion (S1PLB)

2nd prize: Hamster vs Le Minotaur. Donc teste de mémoire (S3PlA)

3rd prize: Ultraviolet light (S1En)


1st prize: EEB1 as a particle system (S6PlA)

2nd prize: Schlieren effect (S5PlA)

3rd prize: Conformative Psychology (S5EsA)

After a discussion the Jury finally made the selection of those students who can represent our school in different international competitions.

Science Fair

High star fasion (S1PLB)

Schlieren effect (S5PlA)

Ultraviolet light (S1En)

Conformative Psychology (S5EsA)


EEB1 as a particle system (S6PlA) – 2nd prize in Senior Category in ESSS in Mol

Effects of Deforestation (S1 en)

Hamster vs Le Minotaur. Donc teste de mémoire (S3PlA)

Study of privacy in social media (S4ESB,S4ESA) – 1st prize on Junior Category in ESSS in Mol

In this year the medals was designed and 3d printed in our FabLab.

This year we had valuable prizes as well: the 1st prize was a drone with camera, the 2nd prize was ticket to the Carantine Escape Room, and the 3rd prize was power-banks.

Congratulations for all the participants, and thanks for everybody that helped us.