The European School in Brussels 1 is developing a “Bring Your Own devices” or BYOD policy, the main points of which are outlined in the document below.

A specific charter has been drawn up jointly with the ICT department, the management and the Data Protection Officer (DPO)

In addition, EEB1 and the APEEE collaborated in a working group to initiate negotiations with “The Rent Company” with the aim of offering a long-term rental of a digital device to families. The contribution of the working group was to check whether the offer of “The Rent Company” is commercially interesting enough and whether it meets the requirements set by the OSG for Geogebra. A solution as offered by “The Rent Company” is already available to parents of EEB2 pupils.

However, we would like to make it clear that the contractual relationship is directly between the parents and “The Rent Company”. Neither the APEEE nor EEB1 is part of this contractual relationship.

Under Easy4U, the company works with the school administration to ensure that in the event of a problem, a replacement device is immediately available while the device is sent to The Rent Company for repair; once the repairs are complete, the student is notified and can pick up the device at school. To benefit from the Easy4U package, students must be in Belgium for the duration of the cover. If students leave Belgium, the deposit is lost.

In the first phase, only AZERTY and QWERTY keyboard configurations are offered to allow for quick delivery (although other configurations are planned for later phases). Read on to find out more about the current models and delivery options:

The Rent Company Brochure EEBI (EN)

Or go directly to The Rent Company’s EEBI Online Shop