Student exchanges between European schools

ENROLMENT FOR 2018-2019 : closed



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WHO ?  If you are in S4 in 2018/2019, you will attend the program in S5 (September 2019)

WHAT? European schools – both official and accredited – offer the possibility of hosting other students as well as supporting their students to visit other schools. Both can take place as real exchanges (visit and return visit) or as one-way visits. They are known collectively as « student mobility programmes ».

Mobility programmes take place regularly within the 1st semester of S5.

A pupil who does not find his/her L1 section in the hosting school will be treated as a Student Without A Language Section (SWALS). Conversely, a SWALS pupil who does find a section of his/her L1 in the hosting school will integrate in his/her L1 section.

The minimum duration of a visit is 5-6 weeks, the maximum is one semester.

WHEN ?  Please fill out the on line form as from 6th November 2018 until 31st December 2018.  The 1st semester’s Class Council (in January 2019) will consider your request and will give (or not) the agreement. We will forward you this answer after the Class Council and let you know the procedure afterwards.

See the presentation given on this subject at the meeting on 9th October 2018 :  Présentation mobility program

Dimitri Portal, coordinateur pédagogique S4 :  

Esther Proficz, secrétaire APEEE :