SMS MySchool – management software system

SMS MY SCHOOL may be accessed via the following link: 


The following information may be found there: timetable, teachers’ list, absences of pupils, school reports, contact details etc.

When connecting for the first time or in case you forget your password, you must put in the e-mail address sent during enrolment of your child/children at school. Then, click on ‘having trouble logging in’. You will then receive an e-mail which allows you to change the password (check your junk/spam folder if necessary).

For all information, please contact Mrs Sarah WILLIAMS (


Please inform the school about any changes regarding your personal data (new address, e-mail, phone/mobile numbers, etc.) by e-mail 


SMS MySchool and school reports 
  • November: report containing information with comments and possible marks.
  • January: semester’s report with the decision of the Class Council where appropriate.
  • March/April: evaluation report containing comments and marks and indicating the risk of repeating the year if applicable (before 30th April).
  • July : end of year report with the decision regarding promotion to the next class

Parents/legal representatives will be informed by e-mail of the date when school reports are to be handed out. Reports are given to the pupil and are not sent by post.

The school reports (official documents with the school stamp) are distributed in January and July, The autumn and spring reports may be viewed on SMS MySchool and are not distributed by the school.