The general development of a student’s personality, knowledge attainment and acquisition  of language and social competence takes place mainly by education / instruction in the first language/mother tongue (Polish).

Curricular contents cover a variety of different issues: grammar and knowledge of the language as well as literary and cultural education.

The main language skills refer to language assimilation in all its aspects: reading skills, writing, establishing and maintaining contact with the world around.

In practice it means to master and internalise the language rules and symbols. That is why the main goal of the education in the European Schools is to create a language as a foundation and a tool to discover the world around, to facilitate the introduction into the world of values, tradition and Polish culture in the context of the European culture while shaping the essential attitudes and values needed in order  to well function in society.

In each learning cycle the sending-receiving language competences should be accompanied by developing the ability of critical thinking. Students should be able to:

– distinguish facts from opinions

– express their opinion/point of view and be able to justify it

– phrase /formulate conclusions based on presumptions

– name or recognise values or anti-values

In the first cycle (S1 -S3) the main goal is to develop the sending-receiving skills. Students exercise the reading comprehension of different kinds of written text and learn how to create different types of own creative writing. They should also deepen the knowledge about the language which has been learnt in primary school.

Evaluating in the first cycle is mainly formative and shows the student’s achievement  and individual progress.

During the second and third cycle (S4-S7) the knowledge and competences are being consolidated but the main emphasis should go towards the history of literature and culture understood as a continuing process until now.

Evaluation is mainly formative and students should use it with more awareness.  At the end of that cycle there is a summative evaluation in the form an exam, which is organised in accordance with the main rules of evaluation /marking system used in the European Schools.

Evaluation of the last cycle ends with the European  Baccalaureate, while  a formative evaluation should be used mainly in S6. A summative evaluation is done during the semester’s tests, including the exam of ,,Pre-Bac’’.

The competences acquired during the process of learning Polish in secondary school from S1 to S7 :

–           Literary text reception

–           Creating a written composition

–           Argumentation

–           Interpretation of a given text

–           Scientific competence related to language and literature

–           Language consciousness

–           Critical thinking

–           Speaking and listening

These competence /language skills are evaluated during the Baccalaureate exam

of Polish L1in both parts: oral and written.

Teachers of Polish L1 in the school year 2019-2020

Marta Majewska  S1b
Katarzyna Mizerkiewicz coordinator,

S2a, S2b, S3b, S4, S6

Grażyna Sztukiecka S1a,S3a,S5, S7


Syllabus and descriptors