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Environmentalism Project

As part of the schools’ project Go Greener the Mat DE class of EEB1/Uccle created several media projects about environmental protection and sustainability. The aim was to raise the children’s awareness on protecting our nature, to promote social skills, to express themselves in a creative way and to develop media and digital competences.



The journey of a bag

Stop Motion Animation project on environmental protection and plastic waste Mat DE/EEB1 Uccle

The children developed their own story, designed backgrounds and characters, learned how to use stop-motion animation technology, and slipped into the role of media producers. Over 600 individual photos were taken by the children to create the film.

The journey of a plastic bag

Music: Belonging by Muted
Album: Silhouettes
℗ 2020 Artlist Original
Producer: Assaf Ayalon
Arranger: Assaf Ayalon
Composer: Ilan Pustopetski



Tutorials (OV German)

In two video tutorials, children of the German speaking nursery class explain how to make seed bombs and beeswax cloths. Have fun watching and imitating!





So much rubbish in one week

Stop Motion Animation short film

For a week the children collected the rubbish from their breakfast boxes and captured the growing pile of rubbish with a camera. The following film was created.

So much rubbish