LV Language


Course title: LV Language.

Description: The LV complementary course is designed for those students who have a genuine interest in language learning. The course aims to provide students with the ability to communicate in a new foreign language, together with a broadening of their cultural horizons. This course is specifically designed for beginners.

Course principles:

  1. Communicative language competence is an overarching learning goal.
  2. The skills of listening, reading and spoken interaction will take priority. Spoken production and writing will be developed to a lesser degree.
  3. Teaching and learning should draw on the students existing language skills and Learning strategies.
  4. A range of learning resources including digital ones supports students in their acquisition of the target language.
  5. Priority should be given to functionality when it comes to teaching grammar, morphology and vocabulary.

The above list is not exhaustive and not in order of importance.

Course objectives:

The learning objectives are benchmarked against the reference levels of the Council of Europe’s  Common European Framework of Languages (CEFR). 

LV cycle 3: (S6 + S7) Attainment level: A 1


By the end of S7, the student should be able to:

  • understand familiar words and everyday expressions relating to himself/herself, his/her family and his/her environment, if people speak slowly and distinctly
  • read and understand short, simple texts of an everyday nature
  • interact in a simple way, and ask and answer simple questions in areas of practical need or on very familiar topics
  • use simple phrases and sentences to describe persons and things familiar to him/her
  • write short simple texts on familiar topics and fill in forms
  • demonstrate basic understanding of some aspects of the culture of the target language countries/communities
  • relate elements of his/her existing cultural awareness to elements of the culture of the target countries/communities
  • identify and apply basic strategies for learning languages
  • apply basic study skills and tools to the learning of the target language.

Subject teachers :

Teacher Class(es)
Mr. Roza Llera, Julio Alfonso S6
Mrs. Perea González, Carmen S7
Mr. Vitiello, Bruno S7


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