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We continue our work with KiVa with more focus on cyberbullying this year. 

The last week of each month will be dedicated to KiVa. 

The  KiVa Kick-off to launch the program would be a video about cyberbullying. 

New project this year a KiVa Box. This box will have to be created by the pupils and put in each class in a very visible place in the classroom. The box is used to collect letters written by pupils who feel bullied or who are eyewitnesses to bullying.The teachers will explain the use to the students of their class during a KiVa lesson. If someone cannot say but write a case of bullying, the box will forward the letter to the teacher.


This year:

  • KiVa kick-off  20th of September
  • KiVa weeks during the whole year. The last week of every month is a KiVa week. The KiVa flags indicate those weeks when the KiVa lessons take place.
  • KiVa stand is planned at the School Day.
  • Being part the first time in the students survey in May.


Parents’ guides:


This year

  • the Kiva program has been continued in P4-5 and has been introduced in P2 and P3.
  • in September all parents watched the KiVa video and got to know the members of the Team        at the teachers-parents meeting.
  • KiVa week  –   27th November- 1st  The Kiva members gave lessons to all classes  in P2-P5.
  • KiVa Bench – project of the year – painting together the Kiva bench, one for P3,4,5 and one for P2.


As part of the Kiva Program, during the school year 2016-2017, the students have participated in the Kiva Project. This project allowed students to carry out activities around the following ideas:

The importance of well-being at school.

– I learn what bullying means.

– I say NO to bullying.

– We all fight together against bullying.


Here is a sample of the work for the Kiva Project 2016-2017

Kiva hearts with the participation of P3 / P4 and P5.

Being well at school means …

Kiva posters with the participation of P4 and P5

I learn what bullying means.

I say No to bullying

The Kiva tree with the participation of P4 and P5.

All together against bullying.


The Kiva hearts 

Click on the link to view the hearts


The Kiva posters

Click on the link to view the posters.