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Kiva is an innovative Finnish school program that aims to fight bullying and its mechanisms, and positively strengthen group dynamics based on the most recent researches. The KiVa program includes both targeted actions and more general ones.

General actions are intended both to prevent the phenomenon of bullying through a real preventive approach and to develop well-being and respect for all at school. They concern all students in the school. They consist of several initiatives aimed at influencing group norms, teaching all children to behave constructively and responsibly, refraining from encouraging bullying and assisting potential victims.


Targeted actions aim to deal with cases of bullying identified by the implementation, by the KiVa team and the class teacher, of a KiVa procedure that has proven its worth.


For more information, we invite you to read the following brochures:

KiVa parents leaflet BRK EN

Kiva explanation PARENTS BRK EN


If you suspect a harassment situation, please send an email to the KiVa team: