Information on special arrangements for BAC examinations

To parents of S5 (this may also apply to some pupils of S6) pupils in the European School Brussels I

With reference to: the 2021 BAC (OR 2020 FOR S6 STUDENTS)

Dear Parents,

It is once again time to speak of special arrangements for examinations in the BAC cycle. Some students in our school have been diagnosed with a disability, disorder or learning difficulty and thus may need special arrangements in examinations. Up to and including S5, it is the school that decides upon which special arrangements are to be given. For the BAC cycle (S6 and S7 including the pre-BAC and BAC) parents need to apply to the Central Office through the school.

The document entitled ‘Provision of Educational Support in the European Schools – Procedural document’ regulates the way special arrangements are awarded. It is stated that special arrangements are:

“not intended to compensate for a lack of ability but allow the pupil to fulfill his or her potential in the fairest conditions possible. Special arrangements are only authorised when they are clearly related to the pupil’s diagnosed needs by means of a medical/psychological/psycho-educational and/or multidisciplinary report justifying these special arrangements.”

Parents who wish to apply for special arrangements need to provide the following documents

  1. An application form (see attachment in EN, FR and DE)
  2. A limited authorization form (see attachment in EN, FR and DE)
  3. An assessment report (see assessment report criteria in EN, FR and DE).

It is very important that the assessment report must not be dated more than two years. In cases where you have a complete assessment dated three years ago which corresponds to what is required, it will be sufficient for you to request an updated validation from the therapist who was consulted.

The assessment must specify the techniques and the tests used to define the specific difficulties of the student. This assessment must also include the academic positioning of the pupil with regard to average scores. It is very important for the assessment report to include results of tests and not solely the names of tests carried out. The recommendations for special arrangements must be defined in a precise manner (eg additional time, use of computer etc.). It would be advisable for your to read the procedural document so as to see what the school may offer with regard to special arrangements. The documents are found in English and French ( or

The assessment, as well as the two other documents (application form and limited authorization form), must be sent to Ms Micheline Sciberras (, EEB 1 Learning Support Coordinator, by no later than the 8 April, 2019 for students who are in the fifth secondary year in 2018-2019. The assessment report and limited authorization form from the parents may be sent in PDF format, but the request for special arrangements must be sent in WORD, given that it must be completed by the school. The application form needs to be signed by the parents. The page where the parents’ have to sign can be scanned and sent by email too. Late applications cannot be accepted.

After processing it, the documents will be sent to the Baccalaureate Unit of the European School for approval.

Best regards,

Micheline Sciberras

Learning Support Coordinator

EEB 1 – Secondary