Information on special arrangements for the BAC cycle (years of S6 and S7)

Communication concerning S4 students (going to S5) who have been benefiting from special arrangements for tests and examinations after the presentation of an assessment report.

With reference to: the BAC cycle (years of S6 and S7)

Ref.: Provision of Educational Support in the European Schools – Procedural document. 2012-05-D-15-en-12 (available on

Dear Parents,

We are communicating with you at the end of the S4 school year to inform you of the possible special arrangements for the BAC cycle (years of S6 and S7). Up to and including S5, the special arrangements for tests and examinations are decided by the school on the basis of a specialist’s report that you have sent us. For the Bac cycle (S6 and S7), it is no longer a decision of the School but of the Central Office of the European Schools. Parents must therefore submit an official request – governed by very specific rules and through the school – to the Central Office of the European Schools, which will validate this request or not.

The purpose of this communication is to inform you of the protocol to follow.


Principle of special arrangements

Special arrangements are not intended to compensate for a lack of ability but allow the pupil to fulfil his or her potential in the fairest conditions possible. These special arrangements are not intended to compensate for any lack of knowledge or skills whatsoever

Special arrangements are only authorized when they are clearly related to the pupil’s diagnosed needs by means of a medical/psychological/psychoeducational and/or multidisciplinary report justifying these special arrangements. If the evaluation conditions during the Pre-Baccalaureate and Baccalaureate examinations present a risk to disadvantage the candidate’s performance – especially if he/she shows special educational needs – by preventing him/her showing the level at which he/she has acquired the required competences, special arrangements may be requested and authorized for the written and oral examinations

Please note that, normally, special arrangements in years S6 and S7 will be allowed only when similar arrangements have been used in a previous year or previous years. This does not necessarily apply to newly enrolled pupils in S6.

No complaint or appeal concerning a decision taken by the Central Office of the European Schools concerning the granting or refusal of special arrangements may be filed (without prejudice to article 12 of the Arrangements for Implementing the Regulations for the European Baccalaureate 2015-05-D-12-en-18, regarding complaints and appeals concerning the European Baccalaureate examinations).


Application procedure and timeframe

The general rule is that the deadline for receipt by the Central Office of complete applications is set for October 15. Parents must therefore send their request to the School in early October. The latter verifies the request and gives its opinion on it, then forwards it to the Central Office. Once the decisions are communicated to the school by the Central Office, these will be applicable for the entire BAC cycle (S6 and S7).

Solely in exceptional situations which are unforeseeable and duly attested (serious illness, accident, newly enrolled pupils, etc.) the request for the granting of special arrangements may be submitted after the deadline indicated above.

Given the current situation, it is likely that this deadline will be changed. We will notify you if we receive information regarding any changes to the procedure.


Content of the application file

Parents must submit:

  1. An application form (see Appendix 1 in EN, FR, DE)
  2. A limited authorization form for the disclosure of confidential information (see Appendix 2 in EN, FR, DE).
  3. An assessment report that needs to be translated into English, French or German. All supporting documents must also be translated into English, French or German.

Documents must be sent in PDF format.


Criteria for the evaluation report

All requests for special arrangements for the European Baccalaureate cycle must be accompanied by a supporting medical / psychological / psycho-educational and / or multidisciplinary report.

The criteria to be met by the reports are specified in Appendix 3 (in FR, EN).

The entire application documents and any question regarding this matter should be sent to Ms. Fatima AHMED-VERITIER.

After processing of the application files, the documents will be sent to the Baccalaureate Unit of the European School for final approval.


Kind regards,


Stefania Righetti, Educational Support Coordinator – Secondary

Fatima Ahmed-Veriter, Assistant for special arrangements