Communication between the different people involved in school life

The majority of the problems are solved by talking, explaining, good sense and professionalism of all concerned.

Communication between school and families

Role of students:

  • Do homework
  • Being active during classes
  • Give back the homework
  • Contact the teacher in case of problem / question
  • Show tests to parents
  • Arrive on time in the morning
  • Respect the rules

Role of parents:

  • Follow the homework of the student
  • Sign the tests (if requested)
  • Contact the school if you have questions or problems
  • Send an email to the person concerned to ask for an appointment
  • Meet with teachers to discuss
  • Accompany the child on time in the morning and pick him up without delay at the end of the school day

Please, respect the teachers’ working hours.

Role of Management:

  • Inform parents through school notebooks
  • Organise parent/teacher meetings
  • Send communications via the SMS my School system

Role of teachers:

  • If there is a question / issue: discuss it with the pupil and if there is no improvement: inform the parents if the a pupil does not work to his full potential – either by e-mail, via the diary or by organizing a meeting;
  • Inform the management
  • Share pupil’s results
  • Inform about missing/unfinished homework

If needed:

  • The first step is to contact the person/s concerned. It is important that clear, transparent and frequent communication is established between the family and teacher/s in the first place. Management can only intervene if these conditions are met.
  • If the problem persists, a meeting may be organised between the Deputy Director and the persons concerned, to which a support person may also be invited.
  • The next stage is a follow-up meeting between the Deputy Director and the people involved.
  • In cases where the situation is still not resolved, the school Director (Uccle) may then be called upon to intervene.
  • Communications with Management go through the Secretariat and not directly through the Director / Deputy Director’s e-mail.

Reception hours Teachers’

All our teachers have a reception hour which will be communicated to the parents during the meeting in September. The meeting request is done via the agenda of the pupil or by email.


Any change in the family status, address or occupation must be reported to the school so that the school can communicate properly and, if necessary, take its own administrative measures.