The reference document concerning absences is the “General Regulations of the European Schools, Art. 28 and 30 – Regular attendance of courses “.

1) General Remarks

A pupil’s enrolment in nursery or primary implies the obligation to participate in all classes which are part of the curriculum and to do what is requested in terms of work.

Pupils should attend classes regularly and punctually according to the school calendar and the timetable given to them at the beginning of the school year.

2) Justification

In the event that a pupil is prevented from attending school for health reasons, the pupil’s legal representative informs the school by e-mail on the first day of absence.

This communication is essential for effective coordination of attendance monitoring and medical follow up. After more than two consecutive days of absence, a medical certificate is compulsory.

 3) Authorisation of absence for personal convenience

Authorisations of absence must be requested at least 7 calendar days in advance and in writing to the Deputy Director. This kind of request is considered exceptional.

Except in cases of force majeure, permission for absence may not be granted for the week preceding or the week following school holiday periods or public holidays (Art. 30, 3c. iv. of the General Rules).

Please note that absences before and after school holidays can only be justified by certified medical reasons.