Human trafficking talk

On 02.20.19 at 09: 13 in

On Tuesday 22 January Ruth Stannett (Major) who is currently the Salvation Army Officer for EU affairs in Brussels, gave an enlightening talk on human trafficking to about one hundred L2 English students in S6. An estimated 40 million people, both men and women, are affected by this disturbing problem worldwide.

 The presentation was both captivating and shocking and gave examples of the many forms of human slavery and forced labour which exist today, even on our doorstep, as Brussels is considered to be an important transit city. Ruth emphasised to the students the importance of “knowledge ” and warned them to be aware of the issue in their daily lives, for example when buying cheap clothing or posting photos on the Internet.

 In 2013 a European Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force was set up to respond to the problem, which aims to both prevent it and also help survivors lead successful lives.

Ruth thanked the students for the many bags of toiletries, hats, gloves and scarves which they had collected to donate to those in need, especially women.