Graduation ceremony

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Despite an exceptionally problematic year, with S7 students denied the opportunity to take the Bac exams in June, the 2019-2020 school year ended on a positive note, with an upbeat Proclamation ceremony held on 3rd July.

This year the proclamation was divided into two, with Danish, French and Italian S7 students in the morning and Spanish, Hungarian, German, English and Polish classes in the afternoon. Parents were unable to attend but watched via live streaming.

Mr Dimitri Nicolaidis proved an entertaining master of ceremonies, particularly when removing his PPE outfit. Via video link, Commissioner Johannes Hahn gave an encouraging speech to students. Former student Elliot Denis provided information on what to expect when going to university.


From left to right: Tosca Lavaroni S7IT, Elvis Ginguay S7FRA and Juliette Sabatier S7FRC


From left to right: Bianca Cuevas Geiger S7DEA, László Molnárfi S7HUA


Written by Laszlo Molnárfi and Juliette Sabatier, the following S7 students delivered an entertaining speech: in the morning by Tosca Lavaroni S7IT, Elvis Ginguay S7FRA and Juliette Sabatier S7FRC and in the afternoon László Molnárfi S7HUA and Bianca Cuevas Geiger S7DEA. They said how EEBI is like a family, sometimes annoying, but unique and special nonetheless. Click here to read the whole speech.

The following students were awarded trophies for the highest mark in their class:

  • DAA – DIONELIS Rosalina
  • DEA – QUARONI Giulia
  • ENB – MÁTHÉ Anna
  • FRA – SANGARÉ Aurélie
  • FRB – GERBEAUX Solène
  • FRC –  LIPPO Zina
  • HUA – HADHÁZI Lilla
  • ITA – LAVARONI Tosca
  • PL –  MAKSON Laura


From left to right: Lilla HADHÁZI, Brian GOGGINS


Lilla HADHÁZI (HUA) was awarded a trophy for obtaining the highest mark in the year.

We wish all our students every success as they begin the next phase of their lives.