Geography at the European schools is taught in L2.  The main aim of the course is to develop skills and Geographical understanding of the World on various scales.

Course Objectives and Methodology S4-S5

  • After studying Human Sciences in L2 in S3, students should have a good level of skills and terminology related to geography in their second language.
  • Students should be able to work independently, in pairs or larger groups.
  • Students start to develop their geographical awareness in their second language.
  • Students will be given opportunities to express their geographical understanding in various ways, including oral presentations, visual presentations and written work.
  • Students will study a variety of topics including, population, migration, physical landforms and urban landscapes to name a few.

Course Objectives  and Methodology S6-S7

  • By S6, students should be organising their work more and more independently.
  • Students should be able to organise coherent argument in relation to geographical issues on various scales.
  • Students should be aware of causes, consequences and solutions to geographical issues and ideas.
  • Students should be able to present their ideas in various ways, including mapping, essays and visual / oral presentations.
  • Frequent inclusion of oral practice in lessons is seen as essential, given that the students will face a final oral examination at the end of S7.
  • The use of ICT is also to be encouraged, not as end in itself but where it can serve as a relevant geographical tool.
  • Students will study global topics in S6 such as globalization and development and focus on Europe in S7. The topics have cross-curricular links with History.

The Geography Department

The Geography department in a dynamic group of teachers that work efficiently and

effectively together.  The teachers have a TEAMS and SHAREPOINT group which allows them

to share good practice and new, interesting resources. The department encourages

independent learning and the use of authentic assessment to raise attainment.  

Teacher Courses Languages
Emma Whyte (Coordinator) S4-S7 EN
Maria Neville S4-S7 EN
Francesca Zander S4-S7 EN
Natalie Chetcuti S4-S7 EN
Agnès Thomas S4-S7 EN and FR
Dimitri Nicolaidis S4-S7 FR
Simon Maudet S4-S7 FR
Thierry Coutant S6-S7 FR
Laurence Hazan S4 FR
Helmut Tomitz S4-S7 DE
Sabine Hammer S4-S5 DE


 Course title or description Document Link

 Geography S4-S5  2015 -01-D-38-en-2

2015 -01-D-38-fr-2

2015 -01-D-38-de-2

 Geography S6-S7 (2 periods)  2010-D-411-en-2




Geography S6-S7 (4 periods)