First prize at the International Science Expo at Tour & Taxis

On 04.30.18 at 13: 17 in

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During the past weekend our delegation took part in the International Science Expo at Tour & Taxis.

Our students Antonina Kubicka (S2Pla), Julilla Roboz (S4Hua), Samo Kobe and Ivor Langus (S3Enb) represented our school as they had been selected in our annual Science Festival in January for this competition.

Last year Marton Mathe (S3Hua) won a special prize and this year ANTONINA KUBICKA (S2Pla) won the first prize with her study "La Vie Secrète d'un Hamster en Nombres", the 1st jury's award with a week-long stay in Euro-Space Center. 

Congratulations  to Antonina for her excellent project and research work! We all wish her the same success in this field in her future.