First aid training in the PL section

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Between October 21st and 25th, the Polish Section organised pre-medical first aid training for teachers and pupils “Save and learn to save“, held as part of the European Restart a Heart Day.

The training involved 25 primary and secondary school teachers, supporting teachers and assistants, as well as 180 primary school pupils (9 classes) and 160 secondary school students (8 classes) from the Polish Section.

The aim of the training was to show teachers and students that first aid is a normal and natural activity; the trainings included conversations, demonstration and practical exercises.

The activities organised as part of the training helped the children to overcome the fear of approaching an injured person and taught them how to save lives by repeating the activities.
Teachers participating in the project were awarded with certificates and didactic materials; the students have received certificates, educational books “Save and Learn to Save” as well as small gifts.

The positive emotions associated with the training and the final ceremony inspired the students to create wonderful posters “Save and Learn to Save”, which were later handed out with thank you notes to  the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity – Polish charity Foundation which acted as the organiser of the event.

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity has provided the primary school with manikins (1 large and 10 small) which will be used in the future by qualified teachers to conduct first aid training.