Europe Day

On 05.06.21 at 08: 05 in
Nursery & Primary – Berkendael

Sunday 9 May is Europe Day!

The French-(MAT FRe), Latvians- and Spanish-speaking pupils of our school celebrated this event by discovering the European anthem played by a cellist, mother of one of the pupils. The next day, they attended a small concert that opened with the Ode to Joy, played successively on violin and clarinet by a French musician.

The work of understanding and transmission of the European Union done by the M2 pupils of MAT FRe resulted in a documentary book

In this book, pupils :

  • illustrated the simplified history of the European Union
  • drew the characteristics and symbols of this Union
  • recounted the interview they had with Colette, who was 5 years old at the beginning of the Second World War




  • explained what the European schools are after meeting the Deputy Director of Berkendaël




  • explained what the job of an MEP is like after meeting 2 MEPs, a French one in 2020 and a German one in 2021




  • and finally, discovered Uccle artist Joëlle Pontseel, who was inspired by their drawings to create a linography representing our daily life as Europeans.




With the help of colleagues from all nursery sections, the illustrated history of the European Union has been translated into the different languages of our school:

The school library has been decorated with European flags, with the help of Sylviane -our librarian. The different translations of the book written by the pupils are presented there.







Finally, this book is a candidate for the “European Citizen” prize of the municipality of Uccle. Results will be in on May 9th.