Extracurricular activities

What do you do after school?

The extracurricular program in Berkendael

On all days except Wednesday, our children have the opportunity to try capoeira, learn to play the piano or guitar, immerse in yet another language or build strength and team spirit in the various sports classes.

The program also includes info sessions with parents and teachers of the after-school activities, fundraising campaigns, as well as an annual school party – all intended to boost its visibility and budget.

The feedback from the participating children and parents has been overwhelmingly positive. The program’s success is due to a strong collaboration among a team of volunteer parents, an on-site Coordinator, school staff and instructors. The positive reactions, as well as the planned growth of the school in the next school year, have prompted the expansion of the program. New classes – languages, sports and mind-boosting activities – are on offer for the new school year. Another bus after the end of extracurricular activities on Tuesdays, and after-school childcare are additional services of the program, designed to cater for the needs of as many parents and children as possible.

In order to be able to register for afterschool activities, the APEEE Brussels I  annual membership fee must be paid.

Registration is done through the following link: https://services.uccleparents.org/en

Website: http://www.uccleparents.org/berkendael/periscolaire-programme/?lang=en

Email:  periscolaire.berkendael@uccleparents.org

Calendrier périscolaire 2020-2021