Exit Cards 2019-2020

The contents of this page must be read and accepted only by the parents / guardians .
The parent / guardian will receive a confirmation email to validate acceptance
If the family has two or more children in high school, one form per child must be completed.


Please note:
– Any pupil who exits the school will not be allowed to re-enter, apart from students who possess a green card. (So leaving school before 15:45
prohibits the pupil from returning to take the school bus; to have a red card therefore means that you remain on the EEBI site until the bus
departs at the end of the day.)
– An early departure will ONLY be permitted in case of an emergency or a medical visit, based on a specific request by e-mail from the
parents to the Educational Advisor for your child’s year.
– Any pupil trying to or succeeding in leaving without permission, by taking advantage of a large outflow of pupils which makes the checking of
individuals difficult, is acting contrary to school rules and shall be dealt with accordingly.

There are 3 different cards:


Card and relevant year Colour of
Presence compulsory P1 to P9, or until
the end of lessons on Wednesdays and
May arrive later and leave
earlier depending on
Exit authorised during lunch
time (P6-P7, depending on
S1 to S5 ** Red No No
S1 to S5** Yellow No No
S6 S7 ** Green No


*or absence of teacher at the beginning / end of the day (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 13:25 onwards; Wednesday from 11:50 onwards).
** Pupils coming by bus in the morning must enter school as soon as they have got off the bus.