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On 02.01.21 at 11: 47 in
Nursery & Primary – Berkendael

Pupils and teachers of 3 Primary Schools from Greece (Syros and Thessaloniki) and EEB I – Berkendael collaborated on the project “STEAM Challenges” (October 2019- June 2020).

Pupils were involved in experiential STEAM based activities in order to acquire experimental skills, to explore the S.T.E. (A.) M. sector(s), to learn about computational thinking, to learn to code and to acquire 21st century skills such as collaboration, communication and critical thinking.

The project was framed by storytelling. Each challenge was an episode (interrelated episodes). Students had to help the main character, Gren, overcome the difficulty he was facing in each episode.

The project was based on sociocultural learning theories through cooperative activities, communication and pupils’ decision making through democratic processes. Parents were also involved in the project.