European Quality Label award

On 11.14.19 at 15: 29 in
Nursery & Primary – Berkendael

The Greek nursery class of our school (class MatEL, site Berkendael) was awarded with the European Quality Label, for the excellent work of the eTwinning project “eMotions”, which was carried during the school year 2018-2019. The European Quality label is awarded by the Central Support Service (CSS) to teachers and it is a mark of great success, which indicates that the teachers’ and pupils’ work, as well as the school have been recognized at the highest European level.

The eTwinning project “eMotions”, in which class MatEL participated, aimed to promote a positive climate in class, to strengthen pupils’ mental resilience and relations, to cultivate pupils’ social and emotional skills.
We used children’s literature (mythology) as a tool.

Key points:

  • to learn stories from the Greek Mythology
  • to encourage pupils to observe, recognize and describe basic feelings (joysorrowangerfear) as well as indifference.
  • to experiment with different materials and colors and to express feelings through art
  • to improve pupils’ abilities, to help them feel proud of themselves

Work process: 

Within the framework of the project, the pupils learned several myths and they were encouraged to draw the protagonists of the story, as well as to recognize and justify their feelings. They, also, participated in the creation of a common product, their own common story titled “The adventures of Jack the Pirate”.

We recorded their ideas, answers, narrations and we used their drawings to create video-presentations of the myths and of their story.

Link to the project (follow the link and choose one of the “Pages” to see information and activities of the project):


Dimitra Arampatzi

Responsible teacher for the project – class MatEL