Great Science Success for EEB1 in ESSS 2017

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From Sunday March 26th to Wednesday March 29th the ESSS (European Schools Science Symposium) took place in Luxembourg.

Sixteen European Schools entered scientific projects which were showcased and judged by subject experts.

Eight students: Lorenzo Signore, Maria Pitteri, Elliot Denis, Fabio Barbero,  László Molnárfi, Ivor Langus, Samu Kobe and Adrian Speight whose projects were selected in our annual Science Festival represented our school and brought back honors.

Junior Category: 1st and 2nd Prizes were for EEB1 and the winner projects:

  • “3D printing bones” by Ivor Langus and Samu Kobe
  • “Allergens in everyday food” by  Adrian Speight

Senior Category 2nd Prize for EEB1 with the project “Laci Cloud: an FTP cloud server” by Fabio Barbero and  László Molnárfi.

Congratulations to these great young scientists!

Participating  teachers in Luxembourg: Marie-Paule Freudenreich, Estrella Gancedo and Regin R. Pindstrup