Enrolments 2021/2022

  • In the current health context, the enrolment service remain closed to the public. Consequently, the enrolment or transfer application, accompanied by all the documents to be supplied must be:

->  sent by email (all the documents scanned into a single (ONE) PDF file)

-> or sent by post.

  • Policy on Enrolment  for the 2021/2022 school year is available on the European Schools’ website (eursc.eu) under “Enrolments”.
  • The enrolment forms are available from the secretariats of the schools/sites or the forms can be downloaded from the intranets of the European institutions.
Enrolment Calendar
1st enrolment phase: from 11 January to 29 January 2021​​
2nd enrolment phase: from 17 May to ​11 June 2021
from 5 July to​ 16 July 2021 #
from 16 August to​ 20 August 2021 #

For category I pupils and category II* pupils (children of the staff of Eurocontrol) whose parent is in post on 31 December 2020: submission of the application during the FIRST PHASE is mandatory (Article 2.8. of the Enrolment PolicyUNLESS the child is being educated outside Belgium or in a case of force majeure (Article 2.11. of the Enrolment Policy) or if the applicant’s post terminates before the beginning of the school year (Article 2.10. of the Enrolment Policy)

  • For category I pupils and category II* pupils (children of the staff of Eurocontrol) whose parent is taking up his/her post in Brussels as from 1 January 2021: submission of the application during the FIRST or SECOND PHASE (A​​rticle 2.9. of the Enrolment Policy)
  • For category II pupils​, children of the civilian staff of NATO (international civilian staff) and of UN employees (international civil servants) and category III pupils: submission of the application during the SECOND PHASE is mandatory (A​rticle 2.12. of the Enrolment Policy)
#The enrolments secretariats of the schools/sites will be closed from 19 July to 15 August 2021.​


  • Children who attended the school during the school year 2020/2021 will be automatically enrolled for the school year 2021/2022.