European Blue School

On the occasion of World Oceans Day which was on Tuesday, June 8th, 2021, our school has adorned itself with messages to better understand and better protect our oceans.

An ocean drawing competition was organized and 241 pupils participated.
From all ages, from all sections, pupils present in class and pupils in quarantine!
This was a great success for the school and our oceans!

An exhibition of the drawings can be seen in our library.

Feel free to visit it in video !

Several classes of the school lent some of their superb creations (models, displays) to decorate the library.
Many thanks to them.

During 2 days, the pupils class representatives from P2 to P5 and the members of Management of our school came to vote for the most beautiful drawings.

After this, parents representatives were invited – online – to visit the video exhibitition and also to vote during two days.

Today, the votes are closed (30 in person votes + 11 online votes).

The teaching team who is on the initiative of this project are Marie, Sylviane, Emilie, Sonja and Mathieu and they would like to thank and congratulate all participants, fellow teachers and families.

At the same time, our school is celebrating its certification. Our school joins the network of “European Blue Schools“.

Here is a message from the school administration for the many participants.


Here are the jury’s results:


Realistic ocean drawings


Imaginary ocean designs

Drawings of the ocean with various artistic techniques



Designs with a message to protect the ocean




5 candidates will be chosen for each of the 4 categories.
When there are more than 5 winners, this is explained by equal points.
The winning drawings are presented in numerical order of display.


All our thanks and congratulations to the citizens of our school.

The Pedagogical Team of this project

Marie, Sonja, Emilie, Sylviane and Mathieu